Adventures in highly impractical shoes

Ohmygod it's so muggy here right now. Disgustingly so. I was all geared up for fall, and the weather gods, as they are wont to do, just laughed in my face condescendingly and decided to make things as gross and sticky as possible to punish me.
Ok, so I'm being a little over-dramatic, but I'm not really hot weather person, and I'm definitely not a hot weather + extreme humidity and pouring rain person. But *deep breath* it's just weather, and since there is literally nothing that I can do to change it, I might as well enjoy it, right? And few things make bad weather easier to bear than new accessories.
Hello there! Why yes, I am wearing some sassy new shoes. And my way less sisterwife gingham dress, thanks to all of the accessories advice I got.
I ordered these last weekend because self control is a thing for other people, and I LOVE them. They are so pretty, and for something that makes me this tall, they are surprisingly comfortable to walk around in. Granted, all I did was take some photos and hang around the house in them, but still. 
But they are vertiginously tall, and yes, I really am losing my balance a little bit in this photo. But cutely.
They're also peep-toed, and suede. I hope it's a dry autumn.  
I love Seychelles shoes, and have for years, even before I seriously got into wearing vintage. They do such cute, retro styles, they're usually pretty well made, and I can always find something that's been drastically discounted, so they fit my budget as well. This is my fourth or fifth pair, and the first ones that I got have lasted me for several years.
I'd also been on the hunt for a pair of 30s style sunglasses. I never really thought that they would suit me; my face is rather long and narrow, so a smaller, round pair of sunglasses are the sort of thing that I've always steered clear of. But, maybe because of my growing fascination with 30s fashion, I decided recently that I really wanted a pair.
Gingham dress from The Vintage Studio, flower brooch from Chronically Vintage.
The ones that I ended up with were actually a men's style from Forever21. Not only were they pretty unique with the matte tortoise finish and aviator detailing, but were all of $6. You really can't beat that.
I was sweating balls in this photo. Just so you know.