Fashion Under $50: Vintage Appropriated

Even though I've moved well past the stage where "back to school" season involves anything related to school, I still love all of the fashion that comes with it. Like I said not that long ago, fall is my favorite season, so I love see all of the plaids and teeth of hounds and nubby knits roll into the stores. And as I've also mentioned on more than one occasion, I'm a mighty cheap bastard, and I like to slake my lust for all things autumnal for as little cash as possible.
Like most of you (I assume), it's not really workable for me to have an entirely vintage wardrobe, although I would dearly love to. However, this season there are a fair number of vintage appropriate styles floating around out there in fast fashion, giving me a cheap and easy way to dip my toe into trends that I might not otherwise be able to try, or flesh out some of those basics that I don't like to spend a lot of money on, and can be hard to find in the vintage market.

Pants aren't really a trend, I guess, but really never wear them these days. I've got a couple of pairs of my boyfriend's jeans, but I really want a pair of slightly masculine trousers that I can rock for a masculine meets feminine aesthetic.
f21 Heathered Suspender Trousers, $22.90
I like the high waist, relaxed fit, and suspender details on these trousers.
f21 Pleated Wide-Leg Pants, $24.80
There's a serious Katherine Hepburn vibe to these wide legged pants, which also come in black and white.
f21 Classic Plaid Pants, $19.80
I'm suspicious of pants that look too much like leggings, but the classic plaid and rolled cuff might work well as the updated bottom half of a suit.
Zara Wide-Leg Trousers with Small Dots, $59.90
Ok, so these are slightly over the $50 mark, but the casual draping on this just screams luxury to me. I would rock these with a pair of 40s style platforms and a crisp button down.

A cape is one of those things that I love and really, really want, but am not sure that I'd wear that often in real life. Actually, now that I think about it, I do own a cape, but since it's fur it's not really an all the time thing.
ASOS Plain Cape, $42.56
This one is more on the blanket end of the cape spectrum, but I could see it working well if you're going for a gypsy, boho kind of vibe.
f21 Classic Cape Blazer, $32.80
Forever21, what are you doing to me? This cape blazer combo is great in a very Old Hollywood meets New Hollywood kind of way.
H&M Cape in Textured Woven Fabric, $34.95
If I actually get a cape, it would probably be this one. I like how they've styled it with a blouse with long, tight fitting sleeves, but I could also see this working really well with my early 60s (or 60s inspired) pieces.

You can't really go wrong with a basic, collared blouse, especially if it has some interesting detailing. They're great for wearing with skirts and pants, obviously, but they can also be worn over or under a dress to lend it versatility.  
f21 Peter Pan Collar Blouse, $17.80
The peter pan collar gives this is a nice vintage feel, and the rust color makes it perfect for fall.
H&M Jaquard Weave Blouse, $29.95
A sleeveless, bow neck blouse works well layered under a cardigan or a v-neck sweater.
H&M Lyocell-Blend Top, $24.95
Light-weight knits are great in any season, and the bow neck and slightly puffed sleeves make this sweater feel a little special. It also comes in mustard, one of my favorite colors.
Zara Blouse with Back Buttons, $49.90
So, real talk - I just got a button back blouse, and I'm not sure where I stand on them. On the one hand, no awkward button gaping, which seems to happen to me no matter how well the shirt fits. On the other hand, not being able to get dressed by yourself is, um, inconvenient, to say the least. Still, this airy, peter pan collared blouse was too pretty not to include on this list.
Zara Leopard Shirt with Contrasting Collar, $59.90
It's always the Zara stuff that makes me want to go just a liiiiiiittle bit over budget. Can't you just see this with a high waisted black pencil skirt and a pair of killer black pumps?

Zara Geometric Earrings
And I just couldn't resist posting these pretty, deco-inspired earrings from Zara, which are only $20.