Meet Roy G. Biv

I mentioned last week that I'm trying to shift my focus away from buying clothes, which I have a lot of, to using accessories to add more punch and polish to my outfits. It's an exercise that I'm really enjoying so far, and I think my challenge to myself to add at least one standout accessory to every outfit has been pretty successful.
I went shopping at Vintage Underground, my favorite store in Chicago, on Saturday. I was so close to buying this hat, but ultimately decided it's just too expensive. That said, if it's there after my next pay day, I think it's coming home with me.
Instead I got this one, which is covered in seashells and has a felt mermaid on the front. Cuz I'm cool like that.
This is my Funny Face pose. Not that I look anything like Audrey Hepburn.
I absolutely love the print on this dress, and I was so delighted on Saturday to find the blue scarf I'm wearing for only $3, also at Vintage Underground. This dress could have used a belt, although I skipped it because it was pretty hot out.20140803_114542
Is it tooting my own horn too hard to say that I felt like my makeup was super on point?
One thing that I've noticed about this challenge that it's making me think about my clothes in a different way. Rather than just putting on a nice dress and calling it a day, I'm paying more attention to the details. If it's a print, what is the least dominant color? It might be a good one to pick up in the accessories. What's the neckline like? Is it best set off by a necklace, a brooch, maybe a scarf? Am I wearing a hat, or do I want to do something fancy with my hair? Admittedly, it's become a bit of a process, but it's a fun one, hindered only by the fact that I don't really have much in the way of colorful accessories.
So, of course, that means that I'm on the hunt for a rainbow of accessories.
Topshop Red Patent Heels
I love the chunky heel and patent finish on this pair shoes. There's something a bit schoolgirl about them, and I would love to pair them with mustard yellow tights once we're in the cooler months.
London Rebel Red Suede Court
For something a little more grownup and ladylike, these sleek suede pumps would look great for day or evening.
il_570xN.574049370_sye5 - Copy - Copy
Soco Designs Wide Elastic Belt in Red
This Etsy shop sells these wide elastic belts in a wide assortment of colors. This style of belt is a classic way to cinch your waist and show off your curves.
1950s Wooden Box Bag
This would be way too small for my day to day life, but this beautiful wooden purse from Where the Wind Vintage is a real stunner.

Seychelles Late Night Suede Wedges
These wedges from Seychelles also come in teal, black, and a gold or black glitter style, and several of the colors are on a pretty steep discount right now. The style is very 40s (or maybe 40s meets 70s, if we're talking about the glitter version), and paired with chunky knit socks or tights, you could wear them well into fall.
il_fullxfull.560860221_t85y - Copy
Tangerine Nylon Scarf from That Retro Shop
I do love these sheer nylon scarves, which can be used in several different ways. This soft orange color seems so unusual to me, and at $8 it's also a bit of a steal.
Vintage Pumpkin Orange Beaded Hat
Another steal at only $18, this vivid orange beaded hat from Tess Ronae Vintage, which is probably 30s or 40s, would be perfect for setting off an autumn ensemble.
il_fullxfull.619392634_j8v3 - Copy
Mustard Yellow Faux Alligator Frame Bag
I have to have a book on me at all times, so I don't usually do vintage purses, which are often to small to accommodate them. However, I might make an exception for this lovely frame bag. I love the vibrant but soft shade of mustard yellow, and the faux alligator texture really makes it sing.
image1xxl - Copy
Asos Sunkissed Wooden Heels
If, like me, you're either too poor or too broke to spring for Swedish Hasbeens, these Norwegian Wannabes might be a good option.
Yellow Elastic Belt with Ornate Buckle
The kind of fancy buckle on this elastic belt gives it some extra interest, and would be great with a solid color dress. It's also $6, with free shipping, so there's that.
Kelly Green Patent Leather Purse
There's a woman who works in my building who has a patent leather, kelly green purse, and from the second I saw it I knew that I wanted one for myself. If someone else doesn't do it, I might have to snap this little guy up. Only $25 from Red Jacket Vintage.
il_570xN.627195559_8yya - Copy - Copy
1960s Bow Hat
I love this 60s topper, which is kind of a cross between a cocktail hat and an overly ambitious headband. On sale at The Vintage Hat Shop.
Blue (and Indigo, because let's be honest, indigo is really just blue)
Dynamic Debut Heels in Navy
These gorgeous t-strap heels, very 20s or 30s, make me want to practice my ballroom dancing with my boyfriend.
Vintage Inspired Square Sunglasses
Forever21 actually has some weirdly great, vintage inspired sunglasses in stock right now. I really like the bold shape and soft pastel shade of this pair.
fauxostrichbelt - Copy - Copy
Faux Ostrich Waist Belt
I have this belt in white, but I'm really tempted by the vibrant blue version as well.
Midnight Blue Pillbox Hat with Veil
Looking to add a little mystery to your life? This gorgeous, deep navy pillbox hat from Kanari Kouture would be amazing with a slinky cocktail dress.
purple driving gloves
Purple Leather Driving Gloves
Wouldn't these gloves be a fabulous flash of color with a black or gray winter coat?
il_fullxfull.632899479_rfwn - Copy
50s or 60s Feathered Hat
Not only is is purple, it's purple feathers. What more could you ask for?

Of course there is an entire universe of color to pick from (I didn't even get to talk about pink! I fucking love pink!), but I'm definitely in a mood to bust out of my neutral accessories rut. I mean, really, how many black and brown shoes does one girl need? Ok, probably at least a few, but throwing some color into the mix never hurt anything.