The Best Vintage Clothing

What has two thumbs and just won Chronically Vintage's $50 gift certificate from The Best Vintage Clothing? This broad!
I was super surprised, and super stoked, that I won the giveaway. The Best Vintage Clothing has some really amazing pieces that I would love to own, and although a lot of their most fabulous items are way out of my price range, they do have a huge $100 and under section, and plenty of stuff that's well within my price range with a little help from the gift certificate. Even deciding that I can only afford to put $30-40 of my own money towards a purchase, there's still almost too much to choose from.
I'm trying to be sort of practical about this and get something that I would get anyway, but maybe wouldn't spend quite as money on. I've narrowed out down to a few pieces.
I've wanted a New Look style platter hat for a while, and this one fits the bill nicely. I think this would be great for the rest of the summer and next spring, or even this winter if I'm in the mood for pastels.
1950s Pink Saucer Hat
This hat is a nice balance of practical and whimsical. It's navy, so it would match my main winter coat, and it would keep my head warm in a Chicago winter, but the heart spruces it up a bit.
Navy Velour Hat with Red Heart
I practically live in cardigans in the cooler months, and this black number with a huge fur collar would add a whole other level of luxury to the experience.
Black Cardigan with Fur Collar
So I know I said I was done with buying clothes for a little while, but come on. How pretty is this? I don't usually go for wiggle dresses because not many fit both my waist and my hips, but the measurements here are dead on, and the print is to die for. This one is a really strong contender.
Daisy Print Wiggle Dress
But if I do stick to my guns and get an accessory, I think this bracelet and earring set would be my best bet. The floral celluloid looks like it has a fantastic texture, and would add a subtle point of interest to any outfit that I paired them with.
Floral Celluloid Bracelet and Earrings
But this deco-inspired necklace is sooo pretty. It's the sort of thing that you pair with a simple black outfit and boom, you're the best dressed person in the room.
Deco Inspired Gold and Amber Necklace
This is the one piece that I'm really, really tempted to splurge on. I saw something once about how navy never sells, but who could say no to this beautiful suit? The floral embroidery and touches of hot pink take it from potentially severe to pretty and playful.
Raw Silk Navy Suit
And in the realm of "beautiful things that I love but will never own unless someone adds a couple of zeros to this gift certificate" is this stunning coat. If I owned this, I would never wear anything else. Someone else's wedding? Wearing this. Meeting the Queen? Wearing this. Giving birth? Wearing this.
Ferdinando Sarmi Evening Coat

So what do you guys think I should get? I'm usually a pretty decisive person, but I am really wrestling with this one.