Heart of Haute Review: Gypsy Skirt in Peacock Royale

I've been a very spendy little minx lately. I don't really feel too guilty about it - I was in a position where I could check off some boxes on my "things I want for fall" list, so, well, I did. I didn't buy anything very expensive or extravagant, just a bit more at once than I normally would have. Consequently, you can expect to see a few more reviews on here than you normally would.
One of the items that I picked up was a skirt from Heart of Haute, the Gypsy Skirt in the Peacock Royale print. I'd seen photos of the print and loved it, and given how happy I was with the first piece I ordered from HOH, I decided to go for it. It also fits in pretty nicely with the folk influence that I wanted to bring into my wardrobe for fall, which is an excellent bonus.
The print is even prettier in person than it is in photos. Blue and green are my favorite colors, and there are so many shades of it in this skirt, accented by pops of yellow. The peacocks are also edged in gold that really shimmers in the light. The cotton is lightweight, but seems to be fairly high quality - it's soft, smooth, and even, and it ironed out really nicely before I put it wore it.
I didn't realize until my nails were done that they matched the skirt. I can't say I'm made about it.
I ordered a medium, and it seems to be pretty true to size. The waistband is about two inches wide, and that might actually be slightly too wide for me. I can't really explain the wonkiness, but I would probably have preferred a standard 1 or 1.5 inch waistband.
The other thing that I don't love is the self tie belt. I can't tie a decent looking bow for shit, so I ended up just knotting it and letting the tails hang, which wasn't ideal. I guess I could always just wear it backwards, so I could have the bow in the back, but I really wish it were a removable sash instead so I could swap it out for other belts. 
I wish that these photos did the skirt justice, but it was a warm and very humid day, so it was just kind of hanging there. I plan on wearing it on a regular basis, and I've got some interesting ideas for it for the future.