Bad Hattitude

I mentioned yesterday that I'm trying to justify the slightly ridiculous number of hats that I own by actually, you know, wearing them. I fall in love with them when I see them at the store, but when it comes to incorporating them into my every day life, I either forget that I have them, or put them on, decide they're too outlandish, and take them right back off. Hence, this project where I make myself choose a hat to wear every damn day for the next week. I'm actually considering extending it for two weeks, just because I realized I have that many languishing in a big pile o' hats, sad and unworn.
Of course, human beings have a long and storied history of wearing crazy shit on their heads.
This one is actually pretty simple, by the standards of medieval noblewomen.
And this caricature of Marie Antoinette is certainly a little exaggerated, but only a little.
Hats didn't really get any saner when we hit the start of the 20th century either.
You guys know I love Carmen Miranda, but the woman was not a minimalist.
Shoes on heads and vagina flowers in the background. Tres chic.
Beautiful, and comparatively simple, but this would require some serious hat pins (and possibly some super glue) to stay in place.
This hat may be the least complicated thing that she's wearing, actually.
Compared to all these other fabulous ladies, I'm feeling a little plain Jane. (By the way, I'm not saying I took this picture while sitting in my bathtub, but I'm not saying I didn't take it there either.) It's good to get a little perspective about what really constitutes an outlandish hat.