Fear Itself

Horror is such a subjective thing. Slasher flicks with human serial killers might give me jump scares, and body horror films might disgust me, but ghost stories are what really terrify me. I can't quite talk myself out of my belief in ghosts (which, when you think about it, is stupid - there are actually serial killers, and people actually do mutilate other people; why am I so scared of the one that hasn't actually been proven to exist?), and after I watch a horror movie like The Ring, I don't sleep well because I feel like something's going to grab my feet in the night, and wiping the steam off the mirror after a shower creeps me out because I'm convinced I'm going to see something unnatural behind me in the reflection. Conversely, I know some people that found Cabin in the Woods really scary - to me, it was a comedy all the way through.
Of course, what scares us in real life can be very different from what scares us in a movie. You know what stupid ass thing I'm scared of? Moths. That's right, I'm scared of moths. Butterflies are fine, but I've been told that when I was really little, a whole cloud of moths flew up in my face, getting into my mouth and nose and eyes, which apparently scarred me for life. If there's one flying around the house, I feel compelled to kill it. On a more normal note, it's only in the past few years that I can bring myself to kill a spider instead of running screaming from the room the second that I see one. That's only because if I run away, it might hide and wait for me.
I'm not scared of snakes, but I am scared of cows. Snakes are cool. Cows will kick you.
I wouldn't say that I'm scared of heights, but I am scared of falling from them. Frankly, I think that's totally rational. Flying is fine, and looking down from a very tall building is fine, but I don't like standing on the top step of a stepladder.
If you want to talk about real fears, my boyfriend dying is probably at the top of the list. He biked home drunk one night a while back, and I was equal parts terrified and angry at him, and I was mostly angry because I was so scared he'd get hit by a car or something. That might be the worst way to affirm that you really love a person.
So, tell me - what scares you?