Baby, It's Cold Outside

After approximately three days of beautiful fall weather, winter has decided to stake its claim. Rest in peace, Autumn. We hardly knew ye.
Whatever. Seasons change, and soon enough I'll be bitching about getting slapped in the face by summer heat and humidity every time I step outside. The one nice thing about winter is that if your outerwear game is on point, minimal effort is required to look polished and put together.
Although I have three really nice coats, I feel like I could stand to get a couple more. I think bright colors and bold shapes help keep things interesting when you start defaulting to basic, "I'm tired and have to get dressed in the dark" outfits. 
Yellow Textured Coat
This sunny yellow would definitely help brighten up your day when it's gloomy out. The relaxed shape makes it easy to layer a chunky sweater underneath.
Polka Dot Dropped Waist Coat
Admittedly, this one is a little on the light side for a Chicago winter, but the dropped waist and the pretty pattern meant that I had to include it. 
Red Felt Coat
I love a red coat - it just makes me think of sledding and caroling and roasting chestnuts over open fires. This collarless version would be great to wear with tops and dresses with collar details (assuming they aren't hidden under a thick scarf).
Plaid Mohair Lilli Ann Coat
This is the kind of coat that you can throw on with boots and jeans and be the best dressed person on the street.
Houndstooth Princess Coat
I debated about posting this one because I don't want any of you bitches to snatch it out from under me. The shape, the pattern, the colors - freaking love it.
Reversible Wool Wrap Coat
Wrap coats are having a serious moment this year, and I love that this one is basically two coats in one. 
Deco Inspired Velvet Coat
Another one that has me not-quite-figuratively drooling. Wouldn't this be perfect for a decadent New Year's Eve?
Burgundy Princess Coat
This pretty princess coat is perfect for everyday wear with a scarf, full skirt, and a thick pair of cable knit tights.
This Lilli Ann coat is my favorite of the ones that I own. It's ridiculously warm, and you could probably fit an entire other person in there with me, much less a thick sweater. I didn't know as much about vintage when I bought it as I do now, and I feel vaguely guilty for talking the girl who sold it to me down to $60. But not that guilty.

What's your favorite coat? Do you like bolder outerwear choices, or do you keep it chic and subdued?