Bohemian Air

I'm never what you'd call a party animal, but the winter definitely brings the nester out in me. All I want to do is find a cozy place to read and listen to music and watch TV and snooze. On Saturday, I finally went and got a foot for my sewing machine, and Brian and I moved it up to it's permanent home. I hung some of my pictures, and I'm starting to thinking about finding a comfortable chair and ottoman to go up there as well. It would be really nice to have my own little nook that's just mine, decorated in the way that I like and suited to what I like to do. I could have a few books up there, maybe hang some pretty curtains to make it a suitable space to take photos when there's no light outside... It's taken a lot of time to start making our apartment our own, but I think the winter is the perfect time for it.
Of course, I still have to go out some of the time.
I felt a little bit weird in this outfit. I started out the day in taller black boots, so the pink tights didn't show, but unfortunately they rubbed my feet bloody and I had to buy a pair of emergency shoes. Luckily those only cost about $15 (what up, Aldo Sale Shop), but the effect ended up going a little bit more baby doll than I had intended.
Good face day, though.
And really good hair.
I was surprised by the number of compliments that I got about this outfit. I guess it's eye-catching, but I felt like I was LARPing as a lolita or something.
On Sunday it snowed! It was so pretty. It didn't really stick much, but I'm definitely anticipating my first snowball fight of the year.
I'd almost forgotten about this red wool skirt that I picked up at the thrift store. It really ended up being a perfect find - paired with a peasant blouse I picked up this summer, a floral headscarf, and some sturdy boots, I think it works pretty well as a simple take on the Russian fairy tale inspiration I wanted to bring into my wardrobe.
My coat may not be quite fit for a Cossack, but I love it nonetheless. It was a fantastic bargain - $16! The buttons had been cut off, but getting some new ones was only a matter of about $5 and 20 minutes of stitching, and it's super cozy. I would have bought it just for the leopard print cuffs and collar.
I really do have to buy something other than a swing coat sometime soon, though. I love them, but variety is the spice of life.

Speaking of buying things (great segue, I know), I've got something exciting in store for Black Friday. I'm working on a vintage sale master list of sorts, so if you know of any stores that would like to be included, just send them my way! The post will go up one week from today, on Monday the 24th, and will include some really exciting exclusive discounts as well as a list of vintage and vintage appropriate sellers offering bargains. If you're participating in Chronically Vintage's Secret Santa, it might be the perfect time to find a gift for your partner, not to mention for yourself.