A Coat of a Different Color

I've mentioned before how much I love coats in the winter. I mean, there's obviously a practical aspect to that - I really love not freezing to death, for example - but they're also an important part of putting together any winter outfit. A good coat doesn't just keep you warm, it makes it easy to feel stylish and pulled together when your nose is running, your cheeks are chapped, and your hair is floating around your head in a staticky haze.
Most of the coats that I own are long and full, and I really needed something shorter for riding my bike. I also get overheated pretty easily, so I wanted something a bit lighter weight.
I'd been searching online for something for a while, but it was hard to find that I both liked and that was in my budget. Coats are obviously workhorse items, and have to be well-made to last through all the constant wear and tear of winter. I don't think that necessarily means they have to be $300+ in order to also be stylish, though.
I popped into Buffalo Exchange, and while I was standing at the register with a cute, black, faux-fur coat, I saw someone pick up and put down something vibrantly green. Green is one of my favorite colors, and I like having something a bit more fun than a black coat in the winter, so of course I had to go investigate.
I took these the day before I dyed my hair. Bye-bye, brunette!
It really couldn't have been a more perfect find. It's a little lighter than my other coats, but still very warm. I love all the details to it - the collar, the puffed shoulders, the slightly flared, a-line shape, the striking color. And it was only $40!
I thought it looked cute paired with a pencil skirt in a similar color and this golden yellow t-shirt. It's a bit of a casual suiting look, which I thought was fun.
I took these photos in an alley down the street from my house. The garage behind me is actually covered in ivy, and in the summer it's beautifully green. Although the leaves have died back, the vines criss-crossing the wall behind me are still really interesting looking.
I've realized that most people don't say anything or even show much interest if you're taking photos in public, but a guy who lived across the street from where I was doing this saw me out his window and asked me if I wanted help. It came as a bit of a surprise, but it was nice to get a positive and helpful reaction to my amateur modeling efforts, rather than the opposite.
My baby blue swing coat or navy military style coat will undoubtedly still be my go-tos when the temperature plummets, but for the mild weather we've had so far, this coat is perfect.

In other news, after a bit of thought, I'm going to be stepping back on my posting efforts, at least through the holidays. While it's fun to post every day and it also pushes me to be creative, I want to make sure that I'm always creating quality content. I'm planning on doing three posts a week, or perhaps four if I have something that I'd really like to talk about. There are some changes in store for 2015, and I want to make sure I'm running a tight ship in preparation.