The Red Menace

The Red Menace Is Real!
No, not communism. Me.
I'd actually been wanting to go back to red for a while, but for some reason in my head a red bob with bangs just screamed late 80s/early 90s to me. Possibly something to do with Molly Ringwald movies and Christopher Pike books; they're both generally pretty awesome, but there are some things about them that I don't want to emulate.
In retrospect, that was kind of silly. Even if other people do tend a peg a particular cut and color combo with a particular era, I'm going to look like some kind of throwback from 1991 unless I start feathering my bangs and wearing tapestry vests and frosted lipstick.
I was just watching this movie last night, actually. It's a good movie, but holy mother of god is her style terrible in this film. Was there actually a point in the 80s when people thought this looked good? I guess some people look at my style and think the same thing, but... wow.
There's something about this particular shade of red that has an interestingly graphic quality. It's not quite a natural hair color, but it's not over the top, circus clown red either. It makes me feel kind of like a comic book character or something, which I really like. I thought some similarly graphic color blocking would be a fun counterpoint to the new color.
I was trying to get all artsy with my photo taking. This looks kind of cool, right? I actually didn't do any editing with the color or use any filters. I love the marigold color of these tights.
A more standard shot. I still feel a little awkward in short shift dresses like this, but the style is growing on me.
So, I was looking at this photo, and I hated how shaggy my hair looked at the nape of my neck. If you have short hair, it ends up looking like this after just a few weeks. My boyfriend's clippers were right there, and I figured "how hard could it be to give myself an undercut?" Kind of hard, as it turns out. There's a reason people pay other people to do things like this. After a good 30 minutes of correcting my haphazard initial efforts, it's pretty even now, but I really need to learn that despite my years of experience of fucking with my hair, I'm not actually all that good at it.
What did you guys get up to this weekend?