I'm tired, buy these cheap and pretty skirts

While I try to include plenty of photos with every post, just to provide some visual appeal and break up the blocks of text, I still see this primarily as a writing blog. I mean, yes, I want you to look at my outfits and my makeup and tell me how stylish and pretty I am (validate me!), but I also try to have something to say, and to say it articulately.
Today, though, I got nothing. No ambition, no witty commentary, no inspiration. My alarm went off this morning and I was sorely tempted to just throw my phone across the room. It's kind of weird, because I got a solid 8 hours; I actually felt more awake on Monday, when I only got about 5 because I was out so late seeing the amazing Clairy Browne.
Part of it is that, well, I'm just kind of bored with my job. I am. I've been looking for a new one for a while, and while it would mean less time to write, it would be really great to have a job that engaged me and challenged me. I have degrees in English and Music, but the job that I'm in right now requires little more than the ability to smile at people and sometimes impress them by pronouncing their foreign sounding name correctly, which apparently I have a gift for. What I would really like is a writing gig, although sometimes I think that wanting to make money writing is like wanting to be a unicorn salesman.
Anyway, long story short, buy these. They're pretty. I bought the lemon print one, and I'll tell you all about it once I get it.

Mint Floral Print Midi Skirt, Asos, $53.35
Blue Linen Midi Skirt, Asos $53.35
Black and White Gingham Skirt, Asos $57.16
Floral Watercolor Midi Skirt, Chicwish $36.47
Beach Print Pleated Midi Skirt, Chicwish $45.00
Scenic Print Midi Skirt, Chicwish $43.00
Contrast Stripe Floral Midi Skirt, Chicwish $39.02
Lemon Print Midi Skirt, Choies $45.99
Rose Chess Midi Skirt, Choies $44.99
50s Patio Skirt, HolliePoint via Etsy $44.00
60s Reversible Novelty Print Skirt, Momodeluxevintage via Etsy $35.00
50s Blue Cotton Bandana Print Skirt, OffBroadwayVintage via Etsy $44.00
50s Mexican Patio Skirt, OwlTalk via Etsy $42.00
50s Novelty Print Skirt, shopKLAD via Etsy $42.00