I miss my hair

I have to be honest - I am not as into the pixie cut this time around.
It's not that it's not cute and sassy and fun, and it's great not having to spend much time doing it in the morning, but I'm just bored. I think I'd gotten used to having a few different options for what I could do with it. Up, down, straight, curly, big and teased or sleek. Now, it's pretty much the same thing every day. Oh, sure, I can curl it a little bit to add texture, and there's that baby beehive that I did the tutorial for, and I'm making progress with finger waves (which I should have a tutorial for next week, by the way), but most of the time it's just wash and go. On the plus side, I don't usually have really bad hair days anymore; on the negative side, I rarely feel like I'm having a particularly good hair day either.
I'm feeling weirdly excited about growing it out, though. Of course there will be awkward stages, but my hairstylist is pretty good at her job, and I trust her to keep me from getting too mullety or wonkus. I feel like people make too much of growing out short hair (myself included sometimes). As long as you keep trimming the back of the neck, it mostly just requires the patience not to chop it all off again just so that you have something resembling a style.
Jean Seberg rocked this teased and curled bob after her own pixie cut, and I'm thinking it would look pretty sweet on me as well.
Even better, Audrey rocked a very similar style with a center part.
And a pearl headband. So pretty!

I'm getting a trim next week, which is such a relief. I'm getting into Florence Henderson territory with shaggy top and extra long neck, and the 70s is one decade that I'm not interested in revisiting.
Anyone else have haircut regrets? I'd love to see photos if you do...