Purple Rain

I actually didn't realize until just now, when I was putting this post together, that I'd worn purple three days in a row this week. It's not a color that I'm particularly into, but apparently I managed to grab just about every purple piece in my closet this week. Weird.
I love this lilac gingham dress. It's really breezy and summery, and layered with this white cardigan, it was perfect for the slightly cooler weather earlier this week.
I also really like the button detail down the front. I'm definitely going to have to iron it before the next wear, though - those wrinkles are driving me crazy in the photos.
This skirt was actually free. I got it at a clothing swap a couple of months ago, and while it's great for the summer, I really can't wait to wear it with a chunky sweater this winter.
"Look at my butt. Look at it!"
"How about now? Are you looking at my butt now?"
Ok, so credit where credit is due, I totally cribbed this outfit from the delightful Pebbles Beaufort. She's a blue haired babe whose style I really admire - while a man's shirt over a wiggle dress might not be an entirely new invention, I would never have thought to do the Hawaiian print shirt without seeing it on her first.
Full disclosure - I only put this lipstick on for the photos. A tight dress, bright, contrasting colors, and red lipstick would have felt like overkill for a Thursday.
There is something inherently silly to me about trying to take sexy photos of myself, particularly while precariously balancing my tripod on the stones around the fire pit in my back yard (it's one of those mini guys, so it's not tall enough to just put it on the ground) while Neighbordog looks on in amusement.
Pictures of me from a few years ago all follow the same formula - I'm always mugging with my mouth open wide in excitement (real or ironic) and pointing at things. I was really uncomfortable having my photo taken, and looking slightly insane seemed like the best way to deal with that. I wanted to look good, but I didn't want to look like I was trying to look good, because that would be vain, and no one likes a try hard.
Of course that's dumb, but I still have that niggling thought in the back of my head sometimes, this feeling of "who am I to take all these photos and put them up on the internet like I'm someone interesting?" Which, again, is dumb, because documenting your life online is kind of what people do these days, and fuck it, I am interesting.
But hey, that doesn't mean that all my photos have to be serious.
My Hatchet-Face impression.
Invisible maracas.

I hope everyone has some fabulous plans for the weekend. There's a flea market here in Chicago called the Vintage Garage, and the theme this weekend is Tiki and Rockabilly! I'm really excited for it, and I'm hoping to have some cool photos and new treasures to show off on Monday.