Looking good, four eyes

I got my first pair of glasses when I was six. The frames were pink, and I loved them - right up until some girl in my class told me that I couldn't wear pink because it clashed with my hair (kids are assholes, man). I am, to use a technical term, blind as a fucking bat, so glasses have been a necessity in my life for 20+ years. I got contacts a few years ago, and while I love the makeup options that they open up for me, not the mention the sunglasses, I still feel like glasses complete my face.
Of course, I didn't always like my glasses. I was super gawky when I was a kid - I was a pale, freckled ginger who lived in a trailer park, wore second-hand clothes, aced spelling tests, and was honestly just weird. There was no way I wasn't also going to get called four-eyes, and that sort of stuff is just stupidly hurtful when you're 10.
I didn't actually have head gear. Also, I'm not Katy Perry. Although that would be cool, because boobs. Also money.
It didn't help matters that I would usually pick out these tiny frames that did nothing for my face shape. It wasn't until the whole nerd glasses thing took off when I was in college that I started wearing glasses that actually looked good on me, and one of the great things about getting into vintage is realizing how awesome I look in cat eye frames.
I've had the same glasses for going on five years now, and while I still like them, it's definitely time for some new ones. Even with insurance, my glasses still tend to be rather expensive for me (see above, re: blind), so I'm leaning towards a pair of Warby Parkers. I'm also considering picking up some vintage frames and having new lenses put in, since they're cheaper and have more character than most frames these days.
Kind of digging these guys.
Honestly, though, I never really understood the old chestnut about how "guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." What's unattractive about glasses? They're like face jewelry, especially once they started adding rhinestones and stuff like that. 
Maybe it has something to do with reproductive fitness or whatever. Like people decided that if you wear glasses, you're admitting that you can't see, and who wants to pass on poor vision to future generations? It's, like, survival of the fittest, bro.
Who would want to reproduce with this uggo?
Of course, I don't know that anyone ever really thought that, at least not once they got out of high school. Attractive people are generally recognized as being attractive, no matter what bits of plastic they've got on their faces.
Glasses are also the bees knees when it comes to covering up any dark circles that you might have. One of my friends actually has a pair of emergency glasses that she wears to work when she's partied a little too hard the night before.
Of course, there are good glasses and bad ones. Knowing what kind of glasses flatter your face shape is a huge part of looking good in them. Since I've got a long, oval face, I feel like I look best in slightly larger styles that are wider than they are tall. Cat eyes are particularly good on me, since the width at the temples visually broadens my face. 
You know what else visually broadens my face? A moustache.
There are a lot of articles about which glasses look best on which faces, but what it usually boils down to is that opposites attract. But rules are for suckers, and if you like something, go with it. Confidence is the most important part of looking good.