Orchard Corset Review: Updated

I received my Orchard Corset waist cincher a little over a month ago. I already posted an initial review, and I just wanted to do a little update about the breaking in process and how I'm liking it so far.
For starters, I think it was probably a smart decision to go with the less expensive corset than the much pricier What Katie Did version that I was also considering, because I just don't wear it that often. In the first couple of weeks that I had it, I'd wear it for 1-3 hours a few nights a week, after work, to season it. Since then, I've worn it at home a handful of times, and under my clothes to work exactly twice.
Part of the issue is the weather. It's been fairly hot here, and not only do I want to wear the necessary extra layer between the corset and my skin, I don't want to deal with the sweat that will inevitably get into it anyway. I'm also wearing a lot of light weight, light colored cotton clothing, and unless I have it laced down all the way it tends to show.
This is my *whomp whomp* face. Unless I have it laced closed, I get this distended rib effect around the top.
It's more obvious if I'm not standing up straight.
It's less obvious with heavier fabric, though, so I could definitely see putting into heavier rotation once fall starts to come in. As an added bonus, that might help keep me from getting up to my "winter weight" when I start craving butternut squash mac and cheese.
No lipstick! I feel so naked without it, but I just could not be bothered.
 It's molded to my body pretty nicely, which I am pleased with. The waist cinches me in nice and tight, but the hips have stretched slightly to accommodate my curves. I haven't noticed any wear and tear yet, and the construction seems to be holding up well. I do wish that it came up slightly higher, though, because my skin sometimes gets pinched between the top of the corset and bottom of my bra. Of course, a longline bra would solve that issue just as well, and I've been thinking about picking one up.
If, as the weather cools down, I find myself reaching for it more often, I'll probably look into getting a custom corset. I would love something that comes down a bit lower on my hips, like this one.
Looking at measurements for OTR corsets, I don't know if I would be able to find something that would accommodate my shape.
And here's a bonus photo of Marilyn being laced into a corset. I think this is probably a promotional set photo from The Prince and the Showgirl.