Cheap Thrills: Autumn Foliage

It's kind of sad how much of my day I can spend on Etsy. I'll be browsing blogs looking for inspiration, or just reading a news article, and it'll trigger a thought - "hey, I would love to have a skirt/hat/blouse/thing like that!" And then I'll have to go search for it, and add various iterations to my ever expanding set of lists. I've got dresses, skirt suits, plaid skirts, blouses, cardigans, foundation garments, loungewear... There are more than 20 of them now, and I add new ones pretty regularly. I like making lists, and a site like Etsy makes it easy for me to indulge my compulsive tendencies.
I've realized recently that my wardrobe is populated largely by solids. Solids are definitely great in their own way, and I love to do a bold color block, but I would like to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe. Lately I've been loving autumn florals, and I've found 15 great items, all under $50, to indulge my shopping fantasies (and my list-making mania).

50s Watercolor Day Dress from ShopVintageMinnie

50s Floral Day Dress from RecyclingHistory

Cropped Chiffon Floral Blouse from RetroAmour
80s Does 30s Navy Floral Dress from Triflings
70s Does 20s/30s Drop Waist Dress from StarlingDarlin
70s Does 40s Rose Print Blouse from VoyeurVintage
90s Does 40s Rose Print Dress from TheJollyGargoyle
80s Does 40s Navy Floral Dress from Ponsonbys
50s Artsy Floral Dress from Wyogems
80s Does 40s Floral and Stripe Top from StashonYork
1949 Black Floral Cardigan from PrairieGlenVintage
50s Red Floral Shirtdress from RosasVintageFinds
50s Rose Print Cardigan from SweetBeaFinds
50s Autumn Floral Skirt from 4getMeNotShop
60s Paisley Floral Shirtdress from SmallEarthVintage

Any of these guys catching your eye? I love that floral and stripe blouse, or the 60s shirt dress. Is there anything you would like to incorporate more of into your wardrobe in the new season?