Depressed Cowgirl Chic

Although I would consider myself very much a city person these days, I grew up out on the High Plains of eastern Colorado. It's cows and corn and open space for as far as the eye can see. Although I'm happy to be where I am in my life right now (and far, far away from large, carnivorous insects), there are some things that I miss about living in a rural area. When I was a kid I would walk along the train tracks by my house, and you could walk for hours without seeing anyone. At night, there are so many stars filling the sky that you can practically see by the light. You can't really see the stars in the city.
My dad, who grew up in Wisconsin, always wanted to be a cowboy. He listened to country music pretty much exclusively, and always wore cowboy boots and cowboy hats and western style shirts with his Wranglers. I think my current interest in the culture and style probably has a little bit to do with that.
A little close up from the morning so you can see my new collar tips.
So, while I'm neither depressed, nor a cowgirl, nor terribly chic, I think pretending to be sad on the lonesome prairie once in a while is a fun diversion from my everyday city life.

Chambray Shirt: Levi's Mens
Skirt: Vintage(ish) from my lolita days
Boots: Asos
Cuff: Urban Outfitters
Collar Tips: Thrifted