Sweater Weather

October, my favorite month, is fast approaching. Although we've had some nice bursts of cooler, autumnal weather, this past week and the week to come have felt like summer's last hurrah. I'm certainly not going to complain about 70° and sunny, though, and there's a little bit of brisk air when I leave for work in the morning, so I can still bring out my sweaters.
This look was actually inspired by Call the Midwife. I've been watching the last few episodes of season 2 lately (and now I've got season 3 to watch as well! Thanks, Netflix), and I loved the combination of the light blue uniform and red cardigan that the nurses will wear sometimes. While I don't have the same pieces in the same colors, I can still do the color combination with this dress and cardigan. To bring in a little bit of the Teddy Girl influence that I was so excited about, I thought a slightly fancy brooch at the throat would a nice touch, and I also added some sort-of-matching clip on earrings as well.
On a side note, I've discovered that I really like rosy brown lipstick. I wouldn't have thought it would suit me, but got a free lip liner in that color and was surprised by how good it looked. I usually run more towards cooler pinks and reds (and, lately, purples), but the brown tone gives a little bit of color and definition to my lips without really reading as makeup.
A couple of days ago, I was test driving the new shapewear that I picked up (I'll have a review for that on Monday), so I figured this skirt would be a good piece to try it out with. Possibly inspired by the 1938 Hitchcock film I watched recently, I decided to go for a kind of 30s/modern look, with my low heeled shoes, a subdued floral blouse, and a vintage pink cashmere cardigan.
I'm actually really pleased with how this worked as a transitional, early fall outfit. The longer length of the skirt and the light sweater give me just enough warmth when it cools down in the evening, but it's breezy enough to be comfortable when it hits 70° during the day. I was going to put this blouse away for the winter, but I love all of the different colors subtly worked into the floral print, which makes it easy to pair with just about anything.
I didn't realize until I was putting this post together that mid-calf skirt/dress + cardigan seems to be my go to look right now. Do you guys also find yourselves unwittingly reaching for the same kinds of items day after day? What are your go-to pieces for transitional dressing?